Domestic violence is a critical pressing social problem that has worsened amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Despite numerous social campaigns and the adoption of protective legislation, the domestic violence issue has no positive dynamic. About 150 000 women called the police because of domestic violence in 2019-2020. Quarantine restrictions, making people stay home, demonstrated unseen new "weaknesses," so the number of domestic violence complaints has dramatically increased. Experts suggest the number of victims can reach 1million women annually, as only part of them seek assistance. Children, who become witnesses of domestic violence incidents and learn this rude behaviour model, need special attention. We believe society and the government should pay more attention to this issue, as its solution can help decrease domestic violence tolerance.

The Institute of Constructive Journalism launches its comprehensive project to research mechanisms in decreasing domestic violence in Ukrainian society.

The project objective is to develop practical tools to overcome domestic violence causes.

Starting hypothesis of the research:
  • Most research and social campaigns aim at triggers and repercussions of domestic violence, while causes mostly remain out of focus. Efforts toward fixing domestic violence causes are not sufficient. However, it is a very complicated and comprehensive issue.
  • Victim's decision not to break up with an offender and not call the police is usually caused by the pressing of traditional and religious public views and afraid of condemnation. However, such a decision might have negative repercussions for children and the victim itself.
  • Women who faced domestic violence and did not leave their offenders for children receive more damage than benefit from maintaining a full family.
  • Domestic violence's impact on the emotional and psychological-being of children are not sufficiently studied in Ukraine. The research of such an effect could be an efficient tool to work both with offenders and victims of domestic violence.

We will discuss the research hypothesis with experts from different fields to concrete and detail project objectives and tasks in March.
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