#PARoverview is research based on 23 in-depth interviews with experts on essential reforms in Ukraine - Public Administration Reform.
Public Administration Reform has been implemented in Ukraine since 2016 based on the Public Administration Reform Strategy for 2016-2021.

Why is this reform crucially important? The public administration reform's efficiency defines all other transformations that are key for Ukraine and its citizens.

The quality of government decisions, professional civil services, modernized administrative procedures, and digital transformation are needed to ensure a favorable business environment, quality and fast service, and the right to receive relevant information and assistance.

The modern and effective public administration system is essential to ensure key government reforms and solve pressing social challenges. The quality of governance defines Ukraine's capacity to move forward and face numerous challenges.

The key research objective is to assess the implementation of the public administration reform, define key outputs, problems, and ways of addressing them from the experts perspective,

The research outputs will help to update the government Public Administration Reform Strategy for the next few years. The expert assessment is a profound analytic basis for public discussion and development of the new strategy.
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