Public perception of sport and physical culture: stimulus and barries
Ukraine ranks 99th globally in terms of public health and 150th — in terms of living standards. However, Ukraine takes the leading positions in terms of alcoholism, drug addiction, and tobacco smoking.

Physical culture and sport are not popular: only 13% of Ukrainians usually do physical exercises in favour of health and sport. For example, in Scandinavian countries, this figure is 85%.

According to the national centre for public physical health "Sport for All" report, only 13% of Ukrainians went into the sport in 2020. The same amount of citizens have no intentions to take physical exercises in 2021.

However, sports habits are essential, and the simplest way to promote a healthy way of life and its promotion and maintenance is a priority for socially and economically efficient countries. The positive impact of public mental health, healthy habits, and patterns from very childhood are vital tools to improve the quality of citizens' lives and Ukraine's economy.

Social problems connected to low physical culture:
  • 60% of people, who abuse alcohol drinks, do not live up to 50;
  • 24,4 of the population are permanent smokers;
  • About 3 million people permanently take drugs;
  • Economic losses caused by drug addiction consist of circa 100 billion hryvnias;
  • 20% of drug addicts are school pupils, 60% — youth under 30;
  • Alcohol causes road accidents, home accidents, and domestic violence.

Project objectives:
  • Assess perception of the research categories (sport, physical culture, physical activity) among various target audiences;
  • Reveal barriers for systematic physical exercises;
  • Discover encouraging factors, analyze motivational sources (self-motivation, external motivation - family, friends, communities, celebrities, sportspeople, competitions, victories);
  • Reveal respective information channels for promotion sport and healthy way of life (TV, social media, such as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, TikTok)
  • Figure out public attitude toward government policy in the sports field.
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