Ukraine needs significantly to improve ecological consciousness.
Its citizens' ecological illiteracy is a clear reflection of the low priority of environmental issues in the state policy. According to the analytic report initiated by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), over 90% of Ukrainian citizens have no experience in protecting their ecological rights. They are not aware of their content.

In various surveys, Ukrainians note the importance of environmental problem-solving. However, in everyday life, they show ecological skills regarding economic benefits (water saving, decrease in electricity consumption).

The environmental protection issue in Ukraine needs more comprehensive governance, inter-agencies cooperation, and institutionalization of ecological interests.

Project objectives:
  • Reveal essential public stereotypes on environmental problems;
  • Define the fundamental needs and interests of businesses;
  • Analyze the representation and quality of media coverage on ecological issues;
  • Collect insights for establishing and implementing the one-voice policy in the environmental field and start a broad public discussion on this issue.
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