The Ninth convocation Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is marked with an appearance on the Ukrainian political stage of new figures and party projects led by leaders who are not well-known to the broad public. What is the way they think? Which further political ambitions they have? What principles do they follow?
We decided to collect and organize information further to research the political portrait of the Ukrainian governing elite. Received results will be a source and fundament for new projects.

We are looking for answers to the following questions:
  • Which media are used by the Members of Parliament?
  • Who is the most authoritative person for the deputies of the ninth convocation? And whom they perceive as a genuine political leader?
  • Which professional and personal competencies deputies consider as the most important to achieve political objectives?
  • What are MP`s priority ways and channels of communication with colleagues and with voters?
  • How they decide on voting for draft laws? What and who is a decision compass for them?
  • How deputies assess the outputs of their activity for almost two years?
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