#Cultproduct is a study of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the creative industries.
COVID-19 pandemic badly impacted all economic fields. Cultural and creative industries, especially tourism, have significantly suffered. In particular, the demand for сultutal products among Ukrainian has changed as well. Financial losses jeopardize the existence of small and medium-sized enterprises in different fields of the creative industries.

Quarantine restrictions and the probability of new COVID-19 surges require the state to provide new tools and policymaking approaches. Businesses, in its turn, need to find new solutions and innovations and undertake profound transformations.

Multilateral public discussion, cross-sectoral projects, and a common search for anti-crisis solutions are needed to develop further and self-express the cultural industries.

Project objectives:
  • Discover business representatives' views on the current problems and ways of its solution.
  • Define key requirements of businesses in various fields of the creative industries and tourism.
  • Assess the readiness of businesses to transformations (barriers and stimulus).
  • Correlate possible ways of transformation with the shift in demand and consumption of creatives industries products among Ukrainians;
  • Provide an analytic basis for development and well-grounded decisionmaking, mid-term planning and policymaking in the field of culture, creative industries and tourism.
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