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About the institute
The Institute for Constructive Journalism and New Media (ICJN) is an analytical center that provides assistance in tackling acute socio-economic problems.

We conduct research, engage the best experts, develop recommendations, collaborate with the media and help to communicate change.

The institute unites researchers, experts, journalists and public figures who seek credible news and high-quality government solutions that solve citizens' problems. We want to restore public trust and promote the development of the state.

The task of the Institute is to monitor social demand, find answers to complex questions and develop optimal solutions.

Founded in 2019.
Areas of activity
Memorandum of the founders
Our approach
History of the Institute
Construction of socio-economic problems and development of analytically sound solutions
  • conducting sociological research;
  • situation analysis and problem identification;
  • drafting of a stakeholder map and consulting with all interested parties;
  • development of decisions and recommendations for the formation of public policies;
  • monitoring and evaluation of solutions implementation.
Formation of the practice of public dialogue to solve acute socio-economic problems
  • identification of key experts in the given area;
  • conducting surveys and dialogue events;
  • involvement of experts in the development of decisions and recommendations;
  • building an expert environment and a platform for dialogue.
Promoting objective coverage of acute socio-economic problems in the media
  • media involvement at the research stage;
  • consultations and exchange of experience;
  • presentation of research and open access to analytical materials of the Institute;
  • implementation of joint projects.
Communicating change
  • development of communication strategies for social campaigns that help solve acute socio-economic problems.
    Being mindful that fake news and populism are gaining momentum and the problems of citizens are not being addressed,

    Looking thoroughly at the decline in trust in the media and government agencies around the world,

    understanding the new media being responsible to the audience and the need for critical thinking in society,

    observing the urgent need of public authorities for expert and analytical support to address pressing issues,

    We hereby focus the Institute's activities on the research of acute socio-economic issues and the creation of a public platform for discussions, which will keep critical issues in the spotlight, attract the best experts and contribute to the issues' solution.
    • Scientific approach

    • Comprehensive and impartial coverage of issues

    • Accuracy, completeness and reliability of information

    • Openness and transparency

    • Trust
      Our work is based on an analytical approach, scientific research, balance of opinions and the involvement of the leading experts. We strive for comprehensive coverage of acute socio-economic problems in the media and their systemic solution.

      Our tools:

      • Sociological research — to assess social demand from key stakeholders and the broader public. The focus of our attention is knowledge, thoughts, deep beliefs and attitudes of respondents.
      • Expert surveys — to analyze the situation and develop solutions. We work with a wide range of stakeholders interested in the research subjects and with the leading research experts.
      • Research and analytical undertaking — for a comprehensive analysis of the situation and the formation of recommendations and solutions. Our tools are modern scientific methods and a systemic approach. We are responsible for the accuracy and quality of information.
      • Publications in the media — to zoom in on pressing issues and provide accurate and complete information. Our goal is to promote critical thinking, objective coverage of information and the solution of acute socio-economic problems.
      • Dialogue activities as a platform for discussing urgent social problems and identifying ways to solve them.
        The Constructive Journalism and New Media Institute of Ukraine is a non-governmental organization founded in 2019 in response to the growing demand for constructive journalism and analytical products in Ukrainian society. The founders of the institute are journalist and media manager Kseniia Bukshyna (magazines natali.ua and promum.com.ua) and editor and analyst Serhii Nabok (business.ua and Publishing House "Blitz-Inform").

        The team of the Institute is specialists in the field of communications. Historically, the founders and experts of the Institute are closely connected with the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, in particular, most of the team members are either graduates or professors of the Institute of International Relations.

        The activities of the Institute are funded by the founders and contributors from among international and local non-governmental organizations.
        презентація дослідження щодо реалізації Реформи державного управління
        presentation of the research program
        public discussion with market players
        (museum workers, donors, state)
        public discussion with market players
        (artists, florists)
        round table — presentation of intermediate research results
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